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Help Messages 一覧 Edit

The Build Menu(ビルドについて) Edit

The Build Menu is where you manage all your structures and craft Curios on the go!
[Build Menu]Highlight an Improvement to see what is needed to build it,how much of the Camp Budget it will consume,and what it provides.You can unlock new Improvements here using Schematics you've found in the world!
[Curio Crafting]In this screen,you can craft recipes that you've previously unlocke at a Simple Curio Workshop and an Advanced Curio Workshop.
[ビルドメニュー]設備のハイライトを表示して、建てるために必要な資材、消費する設置コスト(Camp Budget)の量、および供給される機能を確認します。世界中で見つけた設計図(Schematics)を使用して、新しい設備をアンロックできます。
[キュリオクラフト]この画面では、Simple Curio WorkshopAdvanced Curio Workshopを設置することでアンロックしたレシピを作成できます。

Camp Stockpiles(キャンプの備蓄について) Edit

The icons in the upper right of your screen show how much stuff you've got in your camp,and if those amounts are going up or down over time.
The numbers indicate how much you've got.Having nothing is totally OK,if the arrows are going up!You're making more than your Drakes need.If the arrows are going down,that's also OK!So long as you've got a lot stockpiled.
Ifyou've got no stockpile,and the arrows point down,then you're in trouble and the Drakes will start to weaken,maybe even to the point of death.
Keep a close eye on your supplies,and make sure to build enough improvements to provide for the Drakes.

Sleep and Entertainment(ドレイク達の睡眠と娯楽について) Edit

Drakes need a place to sleep,and they need to be entertained.The easiest way to address these needs is by building Thatched Beds and Poppets,although these are single use items that are destroyed in the process of using them.
You can also more permanent structures to address these needs,but be sure to keep an eye on your population.A single plaything,like a Yoga Ball, is only entertaining for so long, so build plenty of different things to keep your Drakes happy and rested.
ドレイクは眠る場所が必要であり、楽しませる必要もあります。彼らの欲求に対処する最も簡単な方法は、わらぶきのベッド(Thatched Beds)お人形(Poppets)を設置することですが、これらは使用の過程で破壊される使い捨てのアイテムです。
より耐久性のある遊具にすることもできますが、必ず住人の数に注意してください。ヨガボール(Yoga Ball)のような1人用のおもちゃではそう長く楽しませられないので、たくさん異なるアイテムを設置してドレイク達を幸せにし、休ませてあげてください。

Charms(チャームについて) Edit

Charms are little bits of magic that the Drakes create.They contain energies that are critical in the transmutation of ingredients in the Hollow:glowstones and assorted junk into curios,and raw materials into structures for the village.
Charms are collected by interacting with Drakes.
Drakes produce more charms the more contented and older they become.Keep them well cared for and they will produce more.Also,the more Drakes that are in the village,the larger the pool of Charms that you can collect.

Crafting Curios(キュリオの生成について) Edit

Enchanted Curios are consumable ephemera.They are researched and developed at Curio Workshops, which unlock them for crafting anywhere.
Curios serve a wide variety of purposes:they can be used to defend your village and trick attackers,used to traverse the aether,used to step through folds in space,used to defend and heal yourself,and more.
魔力を与えたキュリオは一時的な消耗品です。それらはCurio Workshopsで研究開発され、どこでもクラフトできるようにアンロックされます。

Aether(エーテルについて) Edit

Surviving the AetherIn order to traverse the Aether,you'll need to build an Aether Ward or Aether Waypoints.
Build a Curio Workshop in your camp where you can build these and other things.
エーテルを生き延びる-エーテルを渡るには、Aether WardまたはAether Waypointsを作成する必要があります。
キャンプに Curio Workshopを設置すると、これらのアイテムやその他のものをクラフトできるようになります。

Camp Level(キャンプレベルについて) Edit

Camp Level is based on how much Camp XP you've amassed.
Camp XP comes from Drakes.The older they are,the more Camp XP they contribute.
To raise your Camp Level,you must either find Drakes hibernating in the Wilderness,or increase the age of the Drakes in the village through the application of Crystals.Higher level camps allow you to build more improvements and better meet the needs of the Drakes.

Dealing with Aether(エーテルの扱い方について) Edit

Aether is the malign presence that permeates The Hollow.If left unchecked it will overrun islands.The more vines are all allowed to spread,the stronger the enemies you find on an island will be,and the more likely it is that vines will overtake and disable any supply trucks or relays that are on the island.
You can clear Aether with basic weapons,or you can craft St.Elmo's Fire - a powerful tool that jumps from vine to vine,burning them away.
Totally clearing an island will ensure that it remains free aether for an extended period of time.
エーテルは、The Hollowに充満する有害な存在です。放っておくと島を飲み込んでしまいます。エーテルの蔦が広がれば広がるほど、島にいる敵は強くなり、島にあるサプライトラックまたは中継施設を凌駕し無効にする可能性が高まります。
エーテルの蔦は武器で攻撃したり、St.Elmo's Fire(セントエルモの火-蔦から蔦に燃え移って焼き払う強力なツールです)をクラフトして使用することで除去できます。

Death(死亡について) Edit

Dying the Hollow is not the end.Navigate to the lacation of your death to resurrect and collect your items.A nearby friend can also revive you!
The Hollowにおいて死は終わりではありません。死亡した場所まで移動すれば、所持していたアイテムを回収して復活することができます。(co-opモード中に)近くにいるフレンドも、あなたを復活させることができます!

Supply Trucks(サプライトラックについて) Edit

Supply Trucks provide a large amount of building materials,but the only way to get them to the village is via WAYPOINTS.Build plenty of waypoints,and connect them in a chain all the way back to your village.Once a chain is complete,supplies will start being deliverd automatically to the camp.
You can also use these networks to rapidly traverse The Hollow.Just hop pn a line,and zip along over the Aether.
Keep an eye out for Aether Vine.If they overgrow a supply truck or waypoint,your network will be disrupted and supplies will stop flowing in.
サプライトラック(Supply Trucks)は大量の建築資材を提供しますが、それをキャンプに運ぶ唯一の方法はウェイポイント(WAYPOINTS)を経由させるしかありません。必要なだけたくさんウェイポイントを設置し、それをキャンプまで数珠繋ぎにします。全てのウェイポイントが接続されると、資材は自動的にあなたのキャンプへ送られます。
これらのネットワークを利用して、ビューっとエーテル越えてThe Hollow中をすばやく移動することもできます。
ただしエーテルの蔦(Aether Vine)には注意してください。蔦広がりすぎてサプライトラックやウェイポイントが無効になると、ネットワークが混乱し、資材が運ばれなくなります。

Village Improvements(キャンプの拡張について) Edit

Expand your village as your poplation grows.Each improvement provides enough of a given need for a small number of Drakes.Higher level improvements provide more,or sometimes even fulfill multiple needs at once.
Keep a close eye on your poplation,and the number of improvements you have to fuifill each need.As your village grows,you will need multiple sources of water,food,and entertainment to keep up with demand.
As your Drakes grow older their needs will increase,so what was once enough may not be anymore.

Power and Water(動力と水について) Edit

Some improvements need POWERor""WATER"" in order to function.Build an improvement that generates one of these resources,then use Inspect Mode,approach the improvement and start connecting.You can use RELAY improvements to help keep plumbing neat.
いくつかの設備は機能させるために動力を必要とします。これらを生成する設備を1つ設置し、検査モード(Inspect Mode)に切り替えて必要な設備に接続することができます。 RELAY の設備を使用すると、配管をきれいに保つことができます。

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