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A note from Sarah Howe Edit

Dear Wise Crow,

I know how to help you and the Drakes.I need you to find a warrior,strong of will and body,sensitive to animals.Look for them when the hedge is thin.

Bring them to finish what I am too frail to accomplish.They must work with the Drakes to build their power,and seek out my effects,hidden from the Terminer.Find them.It's the only way to save The Hollow.

Yours,Sarah Howe


私が弱すぎて達成できないものを完成させるために彼らを連れてきてください。彼らはドレイク達と協力して力を築き、Terminer(*1)から隠した私の効力を探し出さなければなりません。探しなさい。それがThe Hollowを救う唯一の方法なのです。



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